Employer Incentive Scheme Guide
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Did you know there is employer funding for apprenticeships in Wales?

The Apprenticeship and Jobs Growth Wales programmes led by the Welsh Government are supported by the European Social Fund. For more information, please click here (Cymraeg / English).

It's one of the most opportunity-laden grants available to Welsh businesses this year. The Employer Incentive Scheme helps you to recruit skills into your workforce, grow your business, and keep costs down.

In this free introductory guide, we'll walk you through everything there is to know about the Welsh Government's Apprenticeship incentives:

  • What is the employer incentive scheme?
  • Which businesses are eligible for funding?
  • Candidate criteria
  • Incentives for new apprentices
  • Incentives for redundancy re-hires
  • Disability incentive
  • When is the fund delivered?
  • How to employ an apprentice